Purchasing Off The Plan

Various Important Points To Be Kept In Mind While Purchasing Off The Plan

Many people consider buying off the plan to be a big scam which it actually is not. However, there are some important points to be kept in mind before going in for such buying such properties. In fact buying off the plan is booking a property at the inception stage itself. As a buyer you only have a blue print of the property based on which you have to book the property in advance. It may call for paying an advance and entering into an agreement to buy the property.

While there are advantages in such buying off the plan decisions, it is always better to go ahead taking the help and assistance of professionals. This is because before booking such properties that are yet to take shape it is important to find out more about the promoter, the location where the property is coming up, the size of the property and other such details. All this is not possible for the customer to do it on his own. Hence most of the customers take the help of professionals to get the job done thoroughly, correctly and within a specified period of time. The contract is drs. The agreement should give full details about therawn up for such buying off the plan properties should also be thoroughly examined after taking into account the various facto construction, the quality of fixtures and fittings that are to be used and so on. Hence, when you appoint us for the job you are certain that these important facts and factors will be totally taken care of.

The next important thing is to examine the plot of land where the property is coming up. The legal documents pertaining to the land should also be examined to ensure that there are no surprises in the form of easements and covenants. The property should also be free from any encumbrances failing which the entire contract to buy such properties could be null and void.

Once the property is complete, there is also the need to examine the same to find out whether what has been delivered is in line with what has been promised. This would call for the services of good property engineers and we have quite a few of them. Valuation of the property may also be required for raising loans. Here too we have an important role to play because of our good network with most banks and financial institutions.

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