Property valuers always take full care for performing the Back Dated Valuations but in the very lawful and simple ways. If the complicated things are needed to get in the right places then there is full need for working with the experts and getting the very right result.In Russian Orthodox churches these icons fill entire walls, the Justices explained. In the churches in Red Square, they have icons that date back to the 12th Century, After the era of forced atheism, the churches that didn’t get blown up were maintained as warehouses or museums.

There were other interesting differences that the Justices noticed between the United States and Russia, which perhaps reflected the different economies of the countries. At the world championship ice-skating, vendors carried in their own fold-out tables to sell souvenirs and food. Semenov acted not only as the Justices’ tour guide, but also as an advisor on what to buy during their visit. He wanted us to experience true Russian stuff, Russian borscht, and Russian vodka.’

So when you are thinking to do the house valuation course then just go for hiring the expert from the property field and get the right person who will get fully involved for doing the lawful property valuation method. When the right result will come then it will be beneficial for you only which will help you to make your precious house error free. Apart from the cold, both Justices enjoyed their adventure in Russia and meeting their contact in the Russian artifact world, Semenov. People interested in viewing or purchasing the Russian artifacts can see them on display at Treasures and Trivia, located at 106 Broadway in Black Mountain.

Black Mountain Primary kindergarten students are kicking, splashing, and holding their breath as their windmill-like arms propel them across the Cheshire Fitness Center’s pool. This is all about teaching water safety, and learning something new," Jerry Green, principal at Black Mountain Primary, said. They trust us to keep them safe, and to make them smarter, and that is what learning to swim does.

The company representative should handle all aspects of the consumer’s complaint. The FSA does not seem to have thought through how an investor who is in need of advice is directed to an appropriate source and how the status of that adviser is identified. IFAs remain the best people to guide consumers through the buying process and the FSA should be directing consumers to their doors rather than creating hybrids which will cause confusion.

The Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA) has today (29 March) published its response to the Financial Services Authority’s consultative paper, Funding the Financial Service Ombudsman and the FOS Plan & Budget 2002/02. AIFA recognises the extent of the task faced by the FOS in bringing together the numerous existing schemes and believes the aims and objectives of the new service are commendable. We particularly welcome a better-resourced centre for initial investor contact. view publisher site : West Coast Valuers

The effectiveness of the FOS’s proposed “front line” system for handling enquiries and complaints, will be a significant factor in determining the basis of the relationship between IFAs and the FOS. Not only will its effectiveness focus resources more effectively, but it could also be perceived as justification for the general levy. Currently, many IFAs do not have to pay any fees directly to the Ombudsman (unless there is a complaint against the firm, when a fixed case fee becomes payable).

This means that a significant number of IFAs may never have, or rarely, been subjected to any direct costs for the Ombudsman. Dedicated FOS staff for IFA sector - We understand that specialist teams will be created at the FOS for the IFA sector and we warmly welcome this development. It is disappointing to note that there has been a sharp increase in activity and also that there is an expectation that this will continue to rise (estimate of total actual cases: 2000/01, 31,700: forecast: 2001/02, 38,000).

The top three tourism regions for domestic travellers were South Coast, New South Wales (NSW), North Coast (NSW) and Gold Coast, Queensland (QLD) tourism regions. More caravan or camping accommodation nights (1.1 million) were spent by international visitors in Queensland than any other state followed by 1.0 million nights in Western Australia and 960,000 nights in New South Wales.

City Council Member John Cranley, who as of late proposed a boycott on all booked suburbanite flights at Lunken, was Dickten's focus in one email to JetLink's leader. In addition at Sydney Property Valuers, we have guaranteed land valuers to ensure your fulfillment with organizations. In the April 19 email, Dickten composed, "This gentleman is really attempting to boycott all booked administration into (Lunken)" and issued a danger against Cranley.

The strength of the market is demonstrated by the growth in values particularly over the last four years. Generally capitalisation rates have decreased and therefore capital values have increased as demonstrated by the following re-sales. In addition, a 210 room hotel is proposed on Olympic Boulevard at Homebush. Hotel demand continues to strengthen with the majority of new supply now having been constructed.

ARR is currently high with rates expected to rise further as the city benefits from the Commonwealth Games as well as the Volvo Ocean Race in early 2006.ARR to continue to rise whilst supply increases are minimal. New supply joining the sector in late December 2005 (which is likely to impact the December 2005 figures) compises the Saville Southbank consisting of 161 rooms. Making a Add Value to your Commercial Property is not a straightforward occupation, there are few variables that raise the expense and there are certain segments that reduction the quality.

Gold Coast hotel demand has been buoyed by significant increases in international visitation to the area, up 9.5% in the year to June 2005 when compared to 2004. Air capacity has also increased with Gold Coast Airport total monthly passenger traffic for December 2005 increasing by 21% when compared to the month of December 2004. Cairns has benefited from reduced supply in the September 2005 quarter compared to 2004.

This has seen occupancy and ARR remain strong and both are currently at an all time high for the market. Minimal supply increases expected should see RevPAR continue to improve.Demand has been strong as a consequence of reduced supply since the March quarter 2005. We expect RevPAR to continue to increase with no major supply expected in the short term.

Growth of 7.5% in international visitation to Perth (year ending June 2005 compared to 2004, source: BTR) will help see ARR improve steadily. The ACT has benefited from a 34% increase in domestic visitation in the September quarter 2005 compared to 2004 and this has supported increases in demand. A strong MICE sector has helped this market grow. Data from Bureau of Tourism Research (year ending June 2005 compared to 2004) shows international visitation to Darwin down, and occupancy rates for this quarter have softened after displaying growth since December 2003 quarter.

However this has been a result of increased supply. With no new supply expected until late 2006, we should see occupancy rates pick up. Hobart continues to outshine the rest of the capital cities with demand increasing at a significant rate in the September quarter 2005 compared to 2004.For the first half of 2005, there have been 13 major hotel transactions (defined as those with a price in excess of $5 million) in Australia, totalling an estimated $717.1 million, which included the Sheraton Mirage Portfolio ($210 million).

This period largely comprised Japanese investors exiting the Australian hotel market, selling the ANA Hotel Gold Coast ($106 million), Cairns International ($83.1 million) and Royal Pines Resort ($75 million).US investors have re-entered the hotel investment market after being relatively inactive since 2000, purchasing The Royal Pines Resort.

However, there is a raised concern Australia is also likely to be a target and we could see a reduction in visitors, at least in the short term, particularly from a destination such as North America.There were 353,900 visitor arrivals during the month of May 2005, up by 3.7% compared to May 2004. V isitors from Japan have fallen by 9.7% and 16.6% respectively during the month of April and May 2005, when compared to the same period.

Pointlessly pressurizing him to expand the valuation of your home on paper may bother him and he may diminish the expense of your property by a terrible edge. Last yet not the minimum; get a trusted and rumored property valuator to do your property valuations. Visitor nights have remained unchanged during the year to March 2005 compared to March 2004 at 297,033,000. On a quarterly comparison the number of domestic visitors travelling in Australia increased by 1.7% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to March quarter 2004.

Visitor nights at 85,994,000 have remained flat during the March quarter 2005 period compared to March quarter 2004 at 85,838,000, however this is an improvement after falling the previous quarter by 2%.Unfortunately since the ABS were unable to provide the 5 Star Sydney data, we have shown Sydney Tourism 4&5 Star Region. Sydney 4&5 Star occupancy levels increased by 1.5 percentage points to 82.4% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004.

RNA rose at a lesser rate of 2.6%.ARR grew by a considerable 8.7% to $165.94 in the March quarter 2005 period, compared to 2004, after falling by 6.2% the previous quarter.Annual RevPAR rose by 5.8% to $122.44 in the year to March 2005 compared to March 2004.ARR rose by 1.4% to $157.81, after falling by more than 4% the previous quarter.Quarterly RevPAR increased by 10.6% to $129.61, the highest quarterly rate recorded since March 2000. 'Annual RevPAR during the year to March 2005 compared to 2004 grew by 5.9% to $113.85".

Brisbane 4&5 Star RNA experienced a reduction of 8.3% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004, a result of an estimated 11 establishments being reclassified into a different star grading over the same period. RNS continued to decline for the fourth consecutive quarter, falling by 7% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004.

Significant decreases in RNA has helped occupancy rates rise by 1.1% percentage points over the same period, however the rate of growth in occupancy has slowed when compared to the previous quarters.

Quarterly RevPAR rose by 12.8% to $90.76, with Annual RevPAR increasing at a similar rate of 12.9% to $96.74 in the year ending March 2005 compared to 2004. RNA fell by 1.5% over the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004.

RNS fell at a greater rate of 2.7%, causing occupancy levels to fall by 0.9 percentage points to 72.4%. A verage room rates have remained strong since June quarter 2004, with an increase of 5.8% to $118.62 recorded in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004. As a result quarterly RevPAR increased by 4.5% to $85.88. Annual RevPAR improved by 9.7% to $77.12, the highest rate ever recorded for this market.

Cairns RNA remain relatively unchanged during the year ending March 2005 compared to 2004.ARR improved for the fourth consecutive quarter by 5.2% to $103.46 in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004 enabling quarterly RevPAR to rise significantly by 8% to $64.46 over the same period. A property valuations firms in adelaide is an ascertained assume that incorporates evaluation of the land's quality alongside its enhancements made.

remained strong, showing an increase of 11.1% to $74.68 for the year ending March 2005 compared to 2004. Adelaide 4&5 Star RNA decreased by 4.7% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004. RNS rose by 1.3% recording a second consecutive increase.Strong increases in occupancy rates saw quarterly RevPAR rise by 3.3% to $87.31.Annual RevPAR improved by 1.3% to $81.86 in the year to March 2005 compared to March 2004.

A reduction in Perth City 4&5 Star RNS of 3.4% saw occupancy levels slide for the third consecutive quarter at a rate of 0.8 percentage points to 76.1% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004. RNA experienced a reduction of 2.4% over the same period. The past technique in land valuation is remaining strategy inside this system the amount of cash required for recreation and obliteration are seen before valuating the accurate property. ARR continued its upward growth trend evident since December quarter 2002, rising by 1.6% to a rate of $109.97 in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004. the highest rate achieved for this market since 2001 when rates where above $110.00.Annual RevPAR improved slightly by 1% in the year to March 2005 compared to 2004 to $84.43, and has hovered over the $80 mark since June quarter 2003.

A reduction in supply for the ACT market has been evident since December quarter 2002. The decline in demand has virtually stopped and with a reduction in supply over the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004, occupancy rates increased by 0.5 percentage points to 66.2%.ARR improved considerably by 3.7% to $109.15 in the March quarter 2005 period compared to March 2004.Quarterly RevPAR rose by 4.5% over the same period to $72.26, recovering after one quarter of significant decline.

Annual RevPAR increased by 2.4% to $71.99 in the year to March 2005, compared to 2004. This is the highest rate ever achieved for the market.

The Darwin market remains buoyant with RNS increasing by an exceptional 11% in the March quarter 2005 period compared to March 2004. RNA improved by 4%.Strong growth in demand saw occupancy rates increase by 3.1 percentage points to 49.5% over the same period. Average room rates have increased since the March quarter 2003, at a rate of 3.9% to $94.08 in the March quarter 2005 period compared to March 2004.

Quarterly RevPAR rose by 10.8% to $46.57, with quarterly RevPAR recording increases of more than 10% over the past five quarters. Annual RevPAR rose by 16% to $70.89 over the year to March 2005 compared to 2004.

ARR increased by 5.7% to $113.85 in the March quarter 2005 period compared to 2004, increasing quarterly RevPAR by 6.3% to $96.09. On an annual basis, RevPAR increased to $73.94 in the 12 months to March 2005, up 4.8% from March 2004, showing significant growth from 2002, which was in the late $50s range.

On an absolute basis, several of the major reporting hotel markets are heading into uncharted RevPAR levels, however, on an indexed basis (time value of money) there is still a way to go to reach real record levels.The perennial questions remain: In a cyclical market, just how long will this good run last? And what is it going to take to upset the applecart.

In reviewing this latest release of ABS statistics for the hotel industry we can see trends in the different markets, and once those trends have been identified we plot them on a cyclical wave as set out in the adjacent graph.As demonstrated to the right, several of the markets have managed their way through the challenging trough of over-supply, SARS, war, Ansett collapse and have absorbed the new room supply and continue to manage to secure higher paying business, these markets are on the upswing.

Only two of the major hotel markets in Australia (Melbourne and Gold Coast), however, have any notable future supply additions proposed for the next two years that might affect performance. Most other markets are enjoying periods of more certainty and are able to more confidently determine their future performance (being defined as a combination of ARR and OCC% or RevPAR). One major determining factor in identifying a cycle and predicting future performance is in identifying new supply that will impact the market.

Currently, hotel use for development sites is generally outranked by alternate uses such as commercial office space or residential accommodation thus permitting hotels to grow their levels of performance more in line with demand growth.Due to lead times required in opening a new hotel, generally two years, we can establish that it is unlikely that new hotels will be introduced to the hotel pool within that period.

Property valuation course Office properties with significant reversionary or market re-positioning opportunities will continue to test the lower yield valuation online process. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict what might be proposed in the months and years to come and therefore it’s equally challenging to predict what might be opening in the time beyond the predictable two year window. The development market is not always an efficient market.

Developments of most kinds and in most real estate asset classes tend to occur in spurts and further, occur when all the economic indicators are aligned. This tends to lead to waves of new products being introduced to the market within a very short period of time. In an ideal hotel market, however, hotel supply would increase at a rate equal to or slightly less than hotel room demand growth thus allowing steady occupancy and predictable rate growth.

Unfortunately most Australian markets are not ideal in this regard and several markets have borne the brunt of developer driven and opportunistic constructions, and in many cases, over development. This over development and over supply has in most instances resulted in changes in hotels performance as the hotels chase business to fill their rooms.

Changes in a hotel market supply can often have an impact in RevPAR, again generally speaking the greater the change in supply, the greater the change in RevPAR. Sydney Property Valuers investments are illiquid since it is hard to offer a restricted enthusiasm for a property or nonpublic organization.

The charts on the next page outline historical changes in supply and RevPAR and is one tool used in predicting roughly what short-term or instant increases in supply in various markets will lead to changes in RevPAR. One can see when reviewing these charts, that changes in RevPAR is inversely correlated to changes in supply.

The charts demonstrate that the larger the supply in the market, the larger the increase in supply required to effect significant change. Small and steady increases to supply can be bearable, whereas large simultaneous additions to supply result in RevPAR erosion. As markets mature and grow, and as demand steadily grows, equal increases in supply become less and less of an impact.

The Ghan has also had a positive impact on demand. Annual RevPAR is currently over $70.00, which is the highest rate the market has achieved to date. In the year ending October 2005, there have been 27 major hotel transactions (defined as those with a price in excess of $5 million) in Australia, totalling an estimated $1.16 billion.

This includes the recent sale of the InterContinentalHotels Group Portfolio, selling nine of its properties to Eureka Funds Management of which eight are hotels and included in this commentary (one property is a convention centre). Our apportionment of the total value of the eight properties came to approximately $331 million. Other major hotels currently on the market include the Grand Hotel Group's Country Comfort portfolio, selling ten properties, however it has been reported that they plan on retaining some of the properties.

The majority of hotel investments this year have been purchased by property trusts. Australian purchasers continue to dominate the market investing in approximately 24 major hotels to the value of $988 million. Japanese investors have re-entered the market purchasing the Albert Park Hotel in Queensland for approximately $13.5 million in October. US investor Morgan Stanley, purchased the Royal Pines Resort in May 2005 for $75 million.

According to statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were approximately 5.46 million visitor arrivals during the twelve months to August 2005, an increase of 5.9 per cent relative to the same period the year before.

On a monthly comp"isitors from Japan have continued to decline on a monthly basis since April 2005, with the Tourism Forecasting Council predicting Japanese international visitor arrivals to decline by 3% in 2005, however is expected to increase by 4.5% in 2006"arison, there were 432,200 visitor arrivals during the month of August 2005, up 6.5% compared to August 2004.

According to the Bureau of Tourism Research’s National Visitor Survey during the year ended June 2005 there were 72.1 million overnight trips taken in Australia by Australian residents aged 15 years and over, down 2.9% from the 74.3 million trips recorded over the same period the year before. Investment demand within the CBD is high, as it is across all market sectors at this time.With Mexico and Brazil leading the way what does property valuation mean annual increases in industrial production exceeded 10% throughout the region. Mexico’s maquiladora industries reversed employment declines by adding 56,000 jobs in 2004.

The decline can be attributed to competition from outbound travel destinations as various other factors such as increases in household savings and increasing fuel costs. Darwin occupancy increased at a greater rate than any other market, by 4.6 percentage points to 68.3%, a rate not seen for this market since 2000.

Melbourne 4&5 Star T ourism Region showed the second greatest increase, up 4.1 percentage points with Brisbane following, up 3.2 percentage points to 79.6%.This is the highest annual occupancy rate Brisbane has recorded since late 1988 (World Expo). 'Average room rates in the capital cities have risen to relatively high in most cities, with the exception of Adelaide City Total, which dipped by 1.9%".

The Queensland market showed the largest increases, with Brisbane 4&5 Star average room rates rising by over 10%. Property valuation course controls taking a gander at full house to interpret that its investigated cost in the current degree field. Darwin also improved considerably by 6% in the year to June 2005 compared to 2004.

Supply increases have been small across all of the major capitals in the year to June 2005 when compared to 2004, which has seen Annual RevPAR improve across the major cities. Brisbane 4&5 Star market achieved the greatest increases boosted by a 4% reduction in supply.

In total Australian Hotel, Motel and Serviced.In total Australian Hotel, Motel and Serviced Apartments have shown a small increase of only 1.1% in supply in the year to June 2005 compared to 2004 which has seen RevPAR over the same period increase by 5.5%.

Minimal increases in supply for Australia are expected in the short term, which will see RevPAR remain strong. RR grew by a considerable 5% to $156.70 in the June quarter 2005 period, compared to 2004, the highest rate achieved in a June quarter since 2000.

New plans for the creation of ‘Motorways of the Sea’ could see a redesign of the European logistics landscape says international property advisers. Rents across Europe remained highest in the UK with London achieving a top rent, more than double those reached in Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Vienna, and almost treble those in Brussels, Paris and Lyon. Rents in the UK are supported by strong economic performance within the country.

will extend its operations to a 45th country with the signing of a new franchise agreement in the Mediterranean island country of Malta. The agreement between International, of Europe, and Kevin and Jeffrey Buttigieg, co-owners of the new region, will see the first office open in St Julians by February with a second in Sliema shortly after. How get to get property valuer degree in Australia.

“Both of those cities are primarily resort areas, but within the next four years we look to have as many as 12 offices providing services to local Maltese residents as well as international buyers and sellers,” Mr Buttigieg said.

The Maltese Islands are situated in the Mediterranean Sea, about 93km from Sicily and 289km from North Africa. They consist of Malta, Gozo and Comino. One of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean, they date back to circa 5000 years BC. The Republic of Malta has a population of 400,420 and both Maltese and English are official languages. Major industries include tourism, electronics, shipbuilding and construction, food and beverage, textiles, footwear, clothing and tobacco. The capital city is Valletta.

Sydney golfer Paul Jordan is off to the world long drive championships next month after taking out the inaugural Australian title at the Hyatt Regency Coolum in Queensland on the weekend. Despite a strong headwind, plus a shoulder injury, Jordan managed a drive of 284.45m to take out the inaugural Australian Long Drive Championship, just ahead of last year’s Irish long driving champion Karl Walther from Mosman, NSW, at 281.8m. Queenslander Troy Austen from Slacks Creek was third with a drive of 278.3m while West Australian Neil Yates from Beldon just missed out a place in the top three with his hit of 275.45m.

In the women’s final, 22-year-old Hayley Marshall from Springfield in Queensland was named Australian champion with her hit of 219.05m. Fellow Queenslander Sarah Kenyon from the Sunshine Coast was second with 208.5m, beating Sandra Schultz from Orange in NSW by just 20cm at 208.3m.

The properties will be sold by auction with an initial five year lease term with options attached. currently leases around 71% of its branch properties. Mr Chris O'Donell, Head of Investment Property said: "The sale and leaseback continues 's strategy of reducing on-balance sheet property assets, with the effect of releasing regulatory capital which will be directed towards our core business activities.

"Our last sale and leaseback, of 141 retail branch properties was in 1995-1996. In August last year also completed a sale and leaseback of a $176m corporate property portfolio to the ASX-listed Property Trust. "We will continue to review our corporate and retail property portfolio with the full expectation of further reducing our direct property ownership." Arthur Andersen has been appointed to project manage the sale and leaseback including the appointment of the selling agents. Auctions are expected by mid/late April 2000.

Financial Services has seen a strong year, with total Australian retail sales up 18 per cent to $5bn," said Michael Migro, Joint Managing Director, WFS. "But we are particularly pleased with our sales of risk products, with total new sales of $20.7m, an increase of 49 per cent over the same time last year. This increase has boosted our share of the disability and income protection market from 4.1 per cent to 5.5 per cent."

"Total New Zealand retail sales grew to NZ$401m (A$338m), an increase of 130 per cent over 1998. These sales cover wealth creation, superannuation and life and general insurance products." Further growth on the Australian retail side was in the general insurance market, where total sales of new policies grew to $179m, a 44 per cent increase of the 1998 year; and policies in force increased by 17 per cent over September 1998 to $468m.

"Funds under management for our wholesale division have grown to $10.6b, a 15 per cent increase over the 1998 year," said Shaun Mays, Joint Managing Director, WFS. " Property Trust has seen a very positive year, with recent acquisitions taking total assets to just under $1b, and tenancy rates steady across all markets at 97 per cent."

"Funds under management for our wholesale division have grown to $10.6b, a 15 per cent increase over the 1998 year," said Shaun Mays, Joint Managing Director, WFS. " Property Trust has seen a very positive year, with recent acquisitions taking total assets to just under $1b, and tenancy rates steady across all markets at 97 per cent." We have a great team of property valuers, solicitors and lawyers, who are extremely qualified and licensed holder to provide real estate valuation services at reasonable rates. Custodian Nominees remains the subcustody market leader, with $113.3b assets under custody. Recently Top Rated in the Australian subcustody market for the eighth consecutive year in the 1999 Global Custody Survey, the following customer's response to the survey shows how we maintain our lead: "…services [their clients] with care and skill. "The year 2000, with all its 'new beginning' connotations, should be a big one for WFS," Mr Mays added. "We have invested a large amount of resources in several new ventures, including expanding our product range, and building a new sales platform for our financial advice network.

As well as the Group's award-winning transaction and home loan products; WFS offers wealth creation, life and trauma insurance, superannuation and retirement products; home, contents, consumer credit, car and CTP insurance; and business superannuation and insurances, including insurances for those working on the land. We offer a wide range of products to our customers to help them secure and protect their financial future," Mr Migro concluded.

Higher interest rates being offered on leading deposit accounts for limited period - Australians starting the year determined to get their finances under control or eager to map out their future financial goals are about to be given the push they need to get started. Traditionally a new year prompts people to think about the future and set themselves savings and investment goals. The ancient culture of this country is also there to beckon you Just by the beach side resorts you also have some of the ancient stone villages which stand testimony to the bygone era.

We want to help customers make those goals a reality by offering an incentive to either start saving or to evaluate their current saving and investment arrangements to see if their money is really working hard enough for them."Whether people are saving for a short term goal, such as a holiday, a car, a special occasion or a house deposit, or looking for a short term investment opportunity, our Rate Sale will bring substantial benefits which will help to kick start their savings or investment goals," added Mr Murray.

The three deposit accounts on sale cover the range of customers' needs, whether saving, investing or transacting. As part of the Rate Sale, existing Bonus Saver and Cash Management Account customers are being given an incentive to top up their regular savings by at least $500. For every additional $500 saving, customers win one entry into a draw to win an Olympic Package to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games including top events, travel and accommodation.

We believe that many Australian's start each new year with the intention of clearing their debts and setting new financial goals, however many get sidetracked or put off their goals until later in the year. "The Rate Sale provides all Australians with a limited offer incentive to start their savings NOW." Two new management roles have been created to further strengthen 's focus on the business sector. Under the new structure, Greg Hamilton will be responsible for expanding 's range of business products and services, reporting to David Fite, Group Executive, Banking & Financial Services Solutions. In this new role, Mr Hamilton will particularly focus on 's business lending portfolios.

Matthew Slatter, in addition to his existing position as CEO for Bank of Melbourne, will take on national responsibility for 's relationships with medium-sized businesses in Australia, and the distribution of our products and services to this customer base. Property valuation company offer extensive valuation services and experience can assist you highest and best use analysis reporting. Commenting on the changes Michael Hawker, Group Executive, Australian Business & Personal Banking, said: "After a couple of years of static growth in this sector, 1999 saw once again rebuild market share with business customers. These management changes will further strengthen our focus on this critical sector of our franchise. Our aim is to once again have regarded, unequivocally as the premier business bank in Australia."In other management changes announced today, 's Treasurer Marten Touw has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer, Banking and Financial Services Solutions. Rob Whitfield, has been appointed 's Treasurer.

Mr Touw, has been with for five years, and has been the Treasurer for the last three. He previously worked for Citibank for 10 years where he worked in both its wholesale and retail bank operations. Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Pat Handley, said that Mr Touw had successfully transformed Treasury into a highly profitable operation as well as extending 's funding and capital management capabilities.

As the clock past midnight and most of Eastern Australia celebrated the New Year and century date change core systems continued to function normally. There has been plenty of speculation that another official cash rate rise is on the cards in the new year, so those borrowers who like the certainty of fixed repayments should consider our new three and four year rates," said Peter Maher, 's General Manager, Business & Consumer Markets.

"Our three year fixed rate has decreased to 7.50% from 7.60% and the four year has decreased also to 7.50% from 7.90%." "The four year rate is by far the lowest in the market and a very good deal for those new and existing customers who wish to lock in some certainty over the longer term." "We have seen increasing interest in fixed rates so is looking to retain its leading position in the home loan market at a time when the market is booming" concluded Peter Maher.

Property dealings lodged in Victoria in May increased by more than 7500 compared to April, and more than 3500 compared to May last year.Real estate valuers are doing whole work regarding real estate property ownership at affordable rates. Figures from the State's Land Registry show the number of dealings* lodged in May totaled 66,732 compared to 59,227 in April and 58,568 in March. In May last year, a total of 63,230 dealings were lodged.

As most property sales have settlement periods of 60 to 90 days, the lodgements for May are from property market activity in February and March. The May figures also show that the number of new mortgages lodged (20,794) rose by more than 3000 compared to April and almost 4000 compared to March. This year's May figure also exceeds the 19,123 mortgages lodged in the same month last year.Mortgages associated with the purchase of a pr property and refinancing activity make up these figures.

The number of discharges of mortgage also rises by more e than 2000 in May compared to April and more than 3000 compared to March. What was Melbourne's official median house sale price in 2004? You'll find the most accurate answer to this question and a whole host of other inter easting facts about the Victorian property market in A Guide to Property Values 2004. Over the past 33 years, A Guide to Property Values has provided the most comprehensive and accurate overview of property sales in the State.